We design meaningful, eye-catching products and experiences.

Our work lives in the cross section of strong ideas, technology and user understanding. We develop meaningful products that are easy to manufacture and give a great user experience.

Sillies kitchenware

Industrial design, Packaging, Logo design

Stroller design

Concept design, Industrial design

MOD S2 mask

Industrial design, Kickstarter campaign, Prototyping

Stampy cocktail stamper

Product development, Logo design, Manufacturing

Flux lamp

Parametric design, Industrial design

Gemvision AR bag

Industrial design, Prototyping, Design for manufacture

Mendo bookstand

Product design, Prototyping, Design for manufacture

SYN Soundsculpture

Prototyping, Manufacturing, Parametric design

Confocal microscope | Coming soon

Enclosure design

Pixel art generator

Parametric design, Online customizer

Olina coffetable

Furniture design, Concept

Plant powered lights | Coming soon

Industrial design, Prototyping,

Parametric vase

Parametric design, 3D printing

Check-in terminal | Coming soon

Industrial design, Low volume manufacturing

Aectual screen | Coming soon

Parametric design, Product design

Solid Optics MFT

Industrial design

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