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Why good design is crucial for scientific start-ups

Start-ups where scientific innovation forms the basis of the business, have to prioritize the functionality and engineering of the products. However, this is not where the work should end. By incorporating...
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Why AI won't replace industrial designers

Artificial intelligence has made great strides recently, but it still has limitations when it comes to replacing industrial designers. AI is a fantastic tool or reference for designers, but it’s unlikely that it will...
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The most important phrases and acronyms in product development

A list of useful terms for those who are new to industrial design, prototyping or manufacturing to help you better communicate with players in this field.
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How to integrate industrial design in early-stage product development

Very often hardware startups fail to compete with established businesses because their products are not user friendly and not attractive enough. The science is great, the functionality is innovative, but the product...
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From design to manufacturing: how a start-up can produce its first product

It is important to have a clear understanding of the product design and the manufacturing process. After the design is outlined, the first step is to create functional prototypes, which can be made...
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