SYN Soundsculpture

A custom visualisation of sound

SYN Collective is a unique platform where music meets art. Their first art piece was designed by Michelle Falck to capture sound - and therefore memory.

Entrive has developed the digital algorithm that enables customised production for each unique Soundsculpture. Using the parametric design program Grasshopper and SLS 3D printing, we are also SYN's production partner to bring each unique artwork to life.

Two sculptures on marble countertop
Uniquely crafted, 3D printed sculptures based on a song or sound of the customer's choice. The Soundsculptures were made possible by combining parametric design tools and traditional craftsmanship.
Close-up detail of 3D printed sculpture
close-up of sculpture laying in its packaging
Two sculptures a hand placing the packaging downfront view of the sculpture packaging
soundsculpture with braille logo on the front3d printing of the prototype of the sculpture
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