The best ideas come from everyday life, from the problems we experience around us. This is why we love working with entrepreneurs and small businesses. Our drive is to let these ideas live out their potential.

Industrial design

Your idea can take shape in a million ways. In the concept sketching phase we make sure that your vision aligns with the requirements of manufacturing, design trends and budgetary goals.

We choose the right direction together with you and turn it into 3D designs and tangible prototypes which will be further detailed. Our 10+ years of expertise in physical product design lets us move forward quickly.

3D industrial design rendering


The basis of product development is prototyping. Why? Because changing a prototype is much easier than changing the mass production tools in the factory. This way we can save a lot of time and money.

We often start with a simple cardboard prototype, which may feel childish, but it’s the fastest way to test the idea and it lets us fail early. After multiple rounds of improvement and iterations, the result is a 3D printed prototype which is 99% identical to the mass produced item.

Housing design prototype of electronic optical device.

Design for manufacturing

With an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes, we optimise the design for highest quality and lowest production cost.

Our network of suppliers and manufacturers can fulfil a wide range of manufacturing needs. We are experienced in dealing with factories and minimizing financial risk.

design for smooth manufacturing

Parametric design

We use the latest technologies in design to create complex, algorithmic shapes for 3D printing, CNC milling and lasercutting. Our computational design services are utilized to create intricate patterns, customizable products or highly optimized engineered parts.

Graphic and packaging design

Dot the i's and cross the t's with a visual identity that stands out on the shelves. A simple and modern logo sets the tone for your brand identity.

The professional presentation of your product is matched with safe and easy packaging that protects the content on its journey from the factory to the end customers and offers an engaging unboxing experience.

silicone facemask design
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