Why good design is crucial for scientific start-ups

Start-ups where scientific innovation forms the basis of the business, have to prioritize the functionality and engineering of the products. However, this is not where the work should end. By incorporating industrial design into the development process, these devices cannot only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing, thereby increasing their appeal to customers and elevating the overall image of the business.

While design gets the most attention when it comes to mass-produced consumer goods, there are several reasons why good design is just as important for science-based startups.

Improved functionality

Good design will improve the functionality of your hardware. A well-designed product is easy to use, ergonomic, and meets the needs of a wide range of users. This can improve the user experience and increase the chances of repeat business.

Stand out from the crowd

Good design can help differentiate your product from the competition. A strong, unique design can help your startup stand out from other hardware products on the market, and it can also help establish a strong brand identity. When your competitors are industry giants like ABB or Philips with endless resources, every aspect of the product matters.

Build credibility

Good design can help build credibility for your brand. If a product looks good on the outside, customers are more likely to trust that it is also good on the inside. A well-designed product can demonstrate that your startup is professional, reliable, and committed to producing high-quality hardware products. This can increase customer confidence in your brand and make it easier for your startup to succeed in a competitive market.

Reduce costs

Good design can improve the longevity and reliability of your device. A well-designed product is often more durable and has a longer lifespan, which can reduce costs associated with product maintenance and replacements. This can be particularly important for startups that are looking to establish a reputation for quality and reliability, as it can help increase customer loyalty and repeat business.

Eye candy

Scientists and engineers are people too: they are attracted to good looking things. While on a fair, browsing through a sea of exhibitors, they are hungry for interesting finds. An eye-catching device will draw attention, improving the chances of creating the connection that will take you one step closer to success.

As an additional point, head to McKinsey’s report about the business value of design. They have conducted a metric-based research which shows that the best design performers increase their revenues and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts.

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